Incorporated has entered the new millennium with a different approach to meet the needs of the future. The approach was simple. We have developed special techniques to reduce time and expense on customers satisfaction.

ZJ offers our customers, products and services generated by a technologically advanced productive structure run by an efficient organization. All of our employees are involved and empowered with task of providing utmost customer satisfaction.
Products and service are supplied according to rigorous quality standard.

ZJ INDUSTRIES uses materials that are specially designed to ensure full compliance with the various requirements and design. Our skilled technical staff is always to help you develop changes to the standard product to adapt it to your specific requirements.

ZJ INDUSTRIES Incorporated is a full service resistance welding product manufacturer maintaining a large and diverse inventory of welding electrodes, tips, adapters, holders, shunts, cables, welding machine arms, seam welding wheels, resistance welding controls, tip dressers, copper alloys and accessories.

ZJ parts are being used world wide to manufacture such products as automotive parts, computer housings, hollow metal doors, metal furniture, kitchen appliances, wire displays, shelving, etc.

To serve our customers more efficiently, ZJ has opened two new sales offices. These service centers are located in Youngstown, Ohio and Clanton, Alabama. ZJ INDUSTRIES believes that our relationship with our customers is a partnership. We strive to meet any of our customers needs. Please feel free to make any suggestions or comments on ways we may better serve you.

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